Introducing the Best Pizza Box You’ve Ever Seen

At Randy’s Pizza, we’re always thinking about how we can make your dining experience the best it can be. Of course, a quality pizza is our number one priority and we have that. But great service, convenience, and speedy clean-up are also on our list of things we can address to make your life easier. Hate wrapping that leftover Randy’s pizza in sticky plastic or cumbersome foil? Frustrated that the pizza box won’t fit in your fridge to store those last few slices? Hate trying to wrestle that big box into the garbage can when it’s empty? Pizza boxes can be so annoying! Until now! Randy’s Pizza provides a new kind of pizza box called ZABOX. It looks like a regular pizza box, but with a rip and a fold, ZABOX transforms into a storage container that fits in your fridge to store your leftover pizza. If you’re completely done, ZABOX is easy to break into 2 pieces and toss into the trash. Check out the ZABOX demonstration video and discover how Randy’s is taking your pizza experience to the next level.